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Hijab Abroad

Jadi ceritanya teman saya minta tolong buat bikin tulisan pendek tentang bagaimana penerimaan orang-orang di jepang terhadap perempuan yang memakai hijab. Sebenarnya pingin cerita panjang tentang ini tapi berhubung lagi sibuk banget saya nulis poin-poin yang langsung keinget di kepala aja.
Silakan cek tulisan saya di blog ini dan di dalamnya ada beberapa cerita lain dari teman-teman yang memakai hijab di beberapa negara. Saya suka cerita dari Lisana Alia yang ada di Korea Selatan, mirip banget ya ternyata sama Jepang. Apa yang pernah dia alami juga pernah saya alami selama di Jepang.
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Dare to err by Tadashi Yanai

Japan is losing the economic game. Why can’t the country learn from its mistakes?June 2011| byTadashi Yanai Japan’s biggest problems are conservatism and cowardice. We want stability, peace of mind and safety. But the world keeps changing. Other countries are growing, while we in Japan stick to our old ways. One problem is that we look down on developing countries. We should be willing to learn from companies in these countries if they are better than us. But we lack the willingness to learn because we have been so successful before. That holds true for managers and employees alike. Another problem is that Japanese business people and companies are lacking in individuality. Too many people think that everyone must be the same. That’s a basic fault. Finally, Japanese companies seem to have their eyes in the rearview mirror. They have become introspective. I think we should get back to something more like we were at the end of the war when Japan rose to prominence from a situation in whi…